Friday, 7 March 2014

GINS Quote Art

For this assignment, we were asked to take a quote from our book and artistically display it. Below you can see my quote from the book Geography of Hope by Chris Turner along with a brief description.

Geography of Hope by Chris Turner focusses on the issue of global warming and the hope of changing the world for the better. As the author makes it clear, "Daring to step beyond the rhetoric of panic and despair, Geography of Hope points to the bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel." (Turner 5).
For my "Quote Art" I tried to depict the theme of this book and take a quote from the book which I thought was very inspiring.
"The world we need: it all exists. It took only a year to find. And anything that exists is possible." This quote represents the overall theme of this book, the hope for change. Throughout this book, Chris Turner emphasizes that there is those resources that we need and we only need to know how to utilize them both effectively and efficiently. Everything we need is in the world and with our growing advancements in technology, we can create a greener and sustainable future for the following generations.
For the visual, I chose to depict "the future" and the idea of hope. The bright light coming from the valley on the right and from the O in possible represent a ray of light or in other words, a ray of hope. I chose this image due to its very natural feel and away from civilization. In our everyday world, we are constantly wasting our natural resources for the rising demand. Geography of Hope focuses on the unique and creative ways energy can be captured and produced along with the different ways we can recycle and reuse materials for our benefit. The three moons in the background represent the "other worlds" we have left behind to finally come to this point, the new and developed future.
I hope you liked it!
I hope you liked it!



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