Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post 7: Free Write Empathy

Hi everybody!

So for this assignment we were asked to write about the main character in our global issues novel study post and relate it to what the author is going through. If you don't remember, my global issues novel is The Geography of Hope.
As an author for many novels based on environmental concerns and the sustainable resources of renewable energy, I play a vital role in the future of our world. I am passionate about the environment and respect it in all ways. As the day progresses, I continue to research and write about sustainability and the new resources to improve our daily lives. Throughout my years as a non-fiction writer, I have learned many things and have been to many places learning about what the world has brought to us and the knowledge we have that hasn’t been applied yet. From when I was little up to now, I am a very curious and adventurous person. I constantly travel to many different places around the world from the U.S to Europe asking scientist and researchers in the different technologies that we have in place and what the future holds for us. As I wake up from my bed, I look over the beautiful buildings in downtown Calgary where I live. Even though there is so much natural beauty in the world, many things in the environment are resulting in this vast amount of beauty to be lost. This is where it sparked my idea to look into what we as human beings can do to change the world for the better and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly place for our kids and onwards. I know eventually all of us will have to die but for us to create a mark and change something for our future is what we should be focusing on. Currently in Canada where I live, you and I know that many sustainable technologies are being applied from the LRT to the compressible garbage cans all around cities. Other places in Europe such as Denmark have a different approach to sustainability. Earthships and environmentally friendly water systems are currently being researched on and applied where in the rest of the world is not. Now think, by applying these different technologies, we are helping our future generation and our world as a whole. Wouldn’t you want a sustainable and environmentally friendly future?


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