Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Global Issues Novel Study Post 6

The initial approach in creating the skeleton for the "Global Charter of Rights and Freedoms" was challenging at first for our group. As we know, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms recognize that values and reflect the identity of Canada and Canadian citizens but as a group, we had to reflect the values of all the countries. We decided that the subtitles (ex; Equality Rights, Fundamental Freedoms etc.) were a good place to start and afterwards, we could change them to best fit what was represented in our novels. One thing that was mentioned in most of our novels was the idea of Political Structure and Fundamental Freedoms. Originally in the Charter, Fundamental Freedoms had freedoms such as freedom to expression, religion etc. As a group we had decided to alter this and use the traditional rule of thumb that U.S uses which is the Freedom to Life, Liberty and Happiness. We also found out that most of the issues were a result of the government and religion rights. Due to the issues presented we agreed to also include separate sub-titles for both Religious freedoms and Political Rights of Citizens and Government Responsibilities.

Before we started this "project" we didn't know beforehand that there was actually such thing as a "Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms." We eventually came to know that there is actually such thing! In this Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which you can view HERE, many things were similar to what we referred to in out World Charter. Overall, I dont think that a Universal Charter would be beneficial because each country has their own worldview and way of life.

World Charter of Rights and Freedoms: Sanchit, Michael, Aman & Adrian
Fundamental Human and Animal Freedoms:
  • The right to life, liberty and happiness 
  • To not be treated cruelly 
  • To be given a fair trial with fair treatment 
  • To receive support from others 

Religious Freedoms: 
  • Freedom to your own religion 
  • Environmental Freedoms: 
  • Freedom to clean air 
  • Freedom to clean water 

Political Rights for citizens: 
  • Right to choose your government in a democratic society 
  • Right to express your own voice to and in the government 

Language Rights: 
  • A language used daily from a population occupying 35% or over will be a dominant language (official) 
  • An english for it is the national language of business 

Mobility Rights: 
  • The right to leave enter or leave any country with no government to stop them 
  • Work visa is required if you are not a citizen of that country or live in the country for at least 

Equality Freedoms: 
  • To be be free of discrimination from everyone including higher authority 

Government Responsibilities: 
  • Respect citizens views and opinions 
  • Give what the people want 

Till next time, Have Fun!