Tuesday, 29 October 2013

GNIS Round Table (1)

Here is our first roundtable discussion for our new Global Issues Novel Study. I was not present while this happened so below the discussion you can see my ideas on the discussion of my book The Geography of Hope.

What global issue does your novel explore?
·      Climate Change
·      Global Warming
·      Non-renewable energy sources vs. renewable sources
·      Hope For Change

Throughout the book, it becomes clear that the problem is not the absence of knowledge and technology but rather we need someone to tell us what these tools are. We prefer to do and buy what the society does around us but also, after all, we buy into the good. These technologies offer continued comfort instead of demanding that we give up our valued lifestyles entirely. This is what Chris Turner is indicating in this book and how these solutions are very important.

Why did you choose this novel? Are you still happy with your choice?
·      Always interested in science
·      Aware of this topic
·      Wanted to know more information

Think about your talking to the text notes: what questions have you asked?
I believe this book is pretty easy to understand. So far throughout the book, the author is explaining his journey through Samso, which is a small Danish island and how they have changed their way of life by using close to 100% of renewable energy sources to capture energy instead of the traditional non-renewable energy (coal, oil etc.). This book includes many, many details but some I believe are missing or have not been mentioned yet. Chris Turner explains how renewable energy sources are virtuous to the environment but never mentions what negative effects it may have also. Do you know how many birds windmills kill? Do you know how expensive PV cells are?

4. Think about your talking to the text notes: what connections have you made?
There are actually quite a few connections I made so far throughout this book. First of all, the author is from Calgary! By reading the first page, the author explains how he always looks at the view of the city from his house, the Saddledome and Talisman Centre. Also, many of the articles that he mentions I am aware of as since grade 4 I always researched on different sources of renewable energy sources for my science fair.

5. Can you make any connections to our guiding ideas: worldview, identity, values?

Chris Turner spends over one year exploring different places throughout the world and explains how their worldview is different from ours. Samso, a small Danish island is run by renewable energy and everything is recycled and reused whereas if we take our Western Worldview, where we are run all by non-renewable sources and most things are wasted


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