Friday, 25 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study #1

Hey Guys! Okay, we started a new project where we choose a book which focuses on a major global issue. I have choose the book Geography of Hope which explains the issue of global warming but also encourages that there is still hope for change. 

Do you really believe the world can change? That the problem of global warming caused by greenhouse gasses could be answered? The Geography of Hope focuses on only this, the hope, for change.

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   Chris Turner doesn’t focus on the typical approach on climate change and global adaption. He doesn’t reiterate the potential or ongoing consequences of inaction but rather he attentions it to what we can do right now. Today. And he’s imagining bigger than just hybrid cars and wind energy.
         Throughout the book, it becomes clear that the problem is not the absence of knowledge and technology but rather we need someone to tell us what these tools are. We prefer to do and buy what the society does around us but also, after all, we buy into the good. These technologies offer continued comfort instead of demanding that we give up our valued lifestyles entirely. This is also why Chris Turners approach and solutions are very important.
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After reading the summary of this book, I demanded to know more. I am very interested in environmental sciences and this book, the moment I picked it up, I knew I would love it. Chris Turner's journey so far is filled with familiar wind turbines and photovoltaic cells but his idea is something different. Using these renewable energy sources in a way to eventually, replace non-renewable energy sources and possibly stop global warming. There is still hope for change. 

Global warming. Climate Change. Greenhouse gasses. These are the main issues we learn today in science class. Ever since I started science fair in grade 4, I always researched and experimented on different forms or renewable energy. From, wireless electricity to algae biofuel and microbial fuel cells, I always had a passion about science and especially in the environmental sciences. I am very much aware of global warming and what is has done and will do in the future. Most of the articles that Chris Turner includes in his book I am know by reading and researching so much information about the topic. 

Chris Turner chooses to write this non-fiction book in first person. He reexamines environmentalism in the wake of his daughter constantly asking himself the same question: What kind of world would it be for her? He embarks on a journey to gain all the knowledge and the ways of creating hope for the future not only for his daughter, but for the planet as a whole. 

Wherever there is life, there is hope…

Cant wait to finish this book!!


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