Monday, 21 October 2013

Litspiration Challenge!

Litspiration Challenge:

For my first “litspiration” challenge of term 2, I chose to do two challenges for the book The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore.

For the first challenge, I decided to remake the book jacket for the book I was reading, The Rise of Nine. Below you can see the original title page (left) and what I have created (right). Please see the analysis below the book covers.

                                 © Sanchit Chopra

I chose this litspiration challenge simply because I found the cover was not representing the book at all and in my perspective. As you can see above, on the right is the cover that I have created using Photoshop. I realize my Photoshop skills are not the best, but I tried to include all that I could and used all my knowledge from this book to make what I think, should be what the actual cover page should be like. Now lets talk about the specifics and why I chose to do what I did. So, to begin with, I will talk about my color choices. I chose to add very vibrant and neon colors for my cover page and title to primarily make it stand out more. As you can see above, the left cover page is the original and I had changed the text from the red and yellow dull gradient to a bright neon blue and orange gradient. I felt that this would allow the title of the book to stand out more and also give more focus on it. For the rest of the colors, I had decided to make them fairly simple as I added the author in white and the other text on top in black with a white outline. This also gives the title of the book a chance to be the main focus on the cover.
            Ah, now the images. Well, in the original cover, the image was a sandy background with some sort of “logo” on it. After reading the book I still don’t see how this image relates to the theme or even what the book was based on. All I can take out of the image is the sand and how it relates to the setting, which was a desert located in Mexico. What I have incorporated in my cover is the idea of what the story was based around. Judging by the title, the readers have most likely read the previous books of this series and have a good idea about what the title is hinting. I took the title into account while designing the cover for this book. The Rise of Nine is where all nine of them finally meet. The first image that I have added is the Lorien Symbol. In the first book, the Lorien Symbol was included and I thought in this book, it should be continued because finally after all these years, all of the garde members finally had found each other. To be honest, I find the images that I added around the title (puzzle piece, water drop, fire) set of the “professional” element of the cover. The key reason why I have added these images is again reflected off of the title. I tried to show all of the powers of the garde to finally get together. They are more powerful as a whole and most importantly they have found each other to finally fight the evil and recuperate Lorien. I have also added a Mogadorian on the left corner of the cover. I feel that this gives the cover not only the brave, strong and hero look but also a hint about the evil. The last but defiantly not the least part of the cover is about the other effects like the stars and the cracks. Primarily, these effects simply provide more of a “sci-fi” theme to the cover, which gives the title more of a meaning and a purpose to the rest of the book.

Now for the second part of my litspiration challenge, I had decided to represent a part of the setting of the book. Near the end of the book, the most intense part, the author had described the setting in a sort of an old dark arena. Around my house, I had found a 3d model of a coliseum, which I thought could represent the setting in my book.
            Throughout the book there was always a sort of action but personally, I found the last couple of pages to be most action-filled. This is the main reason why I had selected this setting of the book than the others.



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