Monday, 30 September 2013

Bamfield ~ (ELA) Part 2

We had went on a week long trip to Bamfield (BMSC) which is on the coast of Vancouver Island and had read some stories while we were there. Here is the Whale Story excerpt along with the questions we had to do:

Whale Story Excerpt: Cheryl Kaye Tadif


Personally, the idea that I had thought about the this excerpt was that the person who was talking to Sarah (protagonist), was the sister of the 14 year old boy who had died mysteriously. My prediction to the next chapter is that the author will explain more about the author will explain more about the other character who had the brother. This will allow the reader to gain more information about this character which will result in the rest of the story to be based around Sarah (main character) the protagonist and the other girl. This story will most likely end up being a mystery/fantasy novel. Some inferences that I made for the end of the novel was that both the main character and the other girl, will end up being friends and discover the "who, what, and why" of her brother missing unexpectedly.

The theme of this excerpt as far as I read was the idea that everything will be better in the future. Sarah believed that living on the island won't be fun but after she found it was better than before. Sarah's mom wanted to be an actress but she was unsuccessful. Later on she became a painter and she had realized that it was a great job. All these ideas are based on the theme that everything will be better in the future.

Some things that I had noticed when I was reading this excerpt was a few hints that the author intentionally gave. In the first chapter he had mentioned how Sarah the eleven year old was very stubborn and curious. When here father had told her about the mysterious death of the boy, I had realized that Sarah, because she is so curious and stubborn, was probably going to go to the island and discover what had happened.


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