Monday, 30 September 2013

Bamfield ~ (ELA) Part 1

We had went on a week long trip to Bamfield (BMSC) which is on the coast of Vancouver Island and had read some stories while we were there. Here is the Sea Devil short story along with the questions we had to do:

The Sea Devil: Arthour Gordon 

Narrative Map Description:


The exposition of this story was when the author was explaining about the protagonist. The setting of the story and what the protagonist was doing was also a part of the exposition of this story.

Rising Action:
The rising action started from were the main person or the protagonist had caught the ray. Also, another  part of the rising action that I thought was the foreshadowing of the sea demon (ray).

Throughout the short story there was mostly always some sort of excitement. I thought the climax of the  short story was at the point were the protagonist was hoping that the barnacles will cut off the rope, or if the rope would stay intact.

Falling Action:
The falling action was quite short. It was when the barnacles had cut the rope and the protagonist was staring up into the sky watching the aircraft.

The conclusion was the last paragraph in the story. In the end he was uniting the rope on his arm and he was explaining that he was never going to fish at night due to the incident that happened.


  • There is a twenty year old male who is fishing for mullets
  • 20th century
  • Late September
  • Late at night
  • Lagoon bordering Florida
  • Between New Orleans & Tampa Bay
The sea devil is a short but meaningful story. The author of this story uses a different approach by not using a name for the protagonist. Throughout the story, the author puts his main focus on describing the setting and events. I believe the main reason why the author made the choice he did is to really melt your own image into the protagonist. The author main focus is to always describe what is happening which is another reason why the author chose not to give a name to the protagonist. I thought the overall message or theme for this story was to always balance out your rewards with risks. I had also noticed some foreshadowing which helped me to hypothesize the ending for this poem. Throughout the poem when the protagonist was fishing for mullets, the author had described that the fishes always swam away whenever the shadow or dark figure was swimming by. This gave me a hint that the sea devil was this "dark figure" the author was talking about throughout the story. 


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