Monday, 13 May 2013

The exposition of this book, The House of the Scorpion, had begun right after the intro, which was where Nancy Farmer was giving an idea of how Matt was harvested. I felt that the exposition of this book was fairly short, as Nancy Farmer had briefly described Matt’s daily routine, his liked and dislikes and Celia’s sheltered house, which he was living in. The moment that Matt had shattered the window and tumbled on the glass, the rising action was underway. Due to this event many things had occurred such as Matt being carried to the Big House and then locked up in jail. The rising action started to settle as the Prison chapter where he was trapped in jail was going on and on. I felt there was a lot of rising action when Matt was discovering the land of Opium and how El PatrĂ³n ruled this land. As Matt studied more and more about Opium and how eejits are formed, it let him to discover the truth about him. I personally thought that the highest tension point in the rising action was probably when Matt had realized about his purpose and why he was created. I thought that the books rising action at points got uninteresting, as there was no action. I also thought the exposition could of revealed more about the outside world instead of sticking to Opium. After Matt escapes from Opium the rising action continues but at some points there was much more action. When the lost boys escape, I felt that it was a high tension point for me as I was reading. The action continued until he had entered back to Aztlan and had heard about everything that hsd happened in Opium. For me, I thought there was multiple climaxes throughout the novel. When he is dragged into the hospital, escapes the factory and enters back to Opium, I believed that these were the climaxes. However, I believe that when Matt enters Opium, this is where the main climax was as the only way to enter was through El Patron's DNA which hopefully, Matt had now. The falling action seemed rushed especially in the end. I thought it would have been better if the ending could have included a little more information and detail about the characters and what would happen next to Matt.


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