Monday, 13 May 2013

Power. The main cause of arranged marriages still remains around the world today, and likely, will continue. Countries around the world such Pakistan, India, China and many more, maintain this idea of arranged marriages. Now lets take a journey in the book The House of the Scorpion. We get many hints throughout the book of arranged marriages. “He’s considered good enough to marry me!” (Farmer 208). El Patrón is an extremely powerful drug lord of the land opium and can revolutionize anything. Eejits then clones, El Patrón is in charge of everything. As far as marrying goes, the Alacrán family had married different families to extend the family tree and the main reason, to gain more power. Lets go back in time and look at the Medici family. The Medici family was the rulers of Florence and had gained a lot of power and money from the society. This idea of arranged marriages had dated back to the 14th century where the men of Medici married Spanish Princesses to gain more power. The Aztec civilization had married the Toltec to expand their empire and again, gain more power. Power and money are the main reasons of arranged marriages and will remain in the world.

We get this idea of not leadership but power throughout this novel. El Patron is the ruler of the land Opium and is in charge of it. This sparked my idea of connecting this book to dictatorship. In places such as North Korea, the country is controlled by one single powerful person. Also in places such as Eygpt, the coutry is controled by the army. When we take a look in The House of the Scorpion, we see how El Patron is this mastermind who has many acquaintances such as the farm patrol who make him more powerful by bringing more people.


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