Monday, 13 May 2013

House of the Scorpion ~ Characterization

Before reading The House of the Scorpion, Nancy Famer has already gave a basic idea of all the characters present in the book. Through many unique ways such as adding a Cast of Characters and as well as a Family Tree, we get some idea of the main characters. Knowing Matteo Alacrán was a clone, we also got an idea that this book was based in the future and was centered around cloning.
            There are two Matteo Alacrán’s, the real one and the one who was harvested. El Patron, the real Matteo Alacrán, is the powerful famous drug lord who is the ruler of the land Opium. Cloning is illegal but for El Patrón, well, he can control everything. 144 years old, you would expect him to be dead by then but through fetal brain implants, El Patrón has survived many years and forever will if he continues cloning.
            Filthy clone were the two words Matt, El Patrón’s clone, had heard throughout his whole life. Living a sheltered life in an old workers shack, Matt had to escape and see past the little cottage. For the first time, Matt finds out he is a clone, which is, referred to as an animal in others minds. Matteo Alacrán known as Matt was the focal character of this book.  He would definitely would be a round character and as well as the protagonist in the novel as this whole story was based around Matts life. In the Big House, where Matt was trapped in jail for over 6 months, had a drastic influence on his life. Society had both positive and negative influence on Matt. He had met many people that let him down such as Rosa, Mr. Alacrán, Tom and many more but he never let that effect him and his determination to look past the fact that he was a clone, an inferior species. With Celia, Maria and Tam Lin by Matt’s side, he will never look down to himself and will continue walking the path of success. El Patrón might want Matt’s brains because overall, he is his clone but Matt is different, he has learned that Opium is a corrupt land with illegal production of drugs and clones.
            Overall, The House of the Scorpion had multiple characters who helped to move the main character Matt.


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