Monday, 13 May 2013

House of the Scorpion ~ Film Study

In this post I will be comparing and contrasting the protagonists from the book, The House of the Scorpion and the movie Gattaca.

Both Matt from The House of the Scorpion and Vincent from Gattaca considered themselves less important compared to the society they were in. When we look at Matt, people from the Big House had treated him as an animal. When we take a look at Vincent from Gattaca, he was always compared to his brother Anton and was considered lesser.Later on in both of the protagonists lives, they were finally able to look further than the fact that they were an inferior species and had gained more self confidence feeling like they could do anything. Both Matt and Vincent also had guides in their lives such as El Patrón who taught and mentored Matt throughout his life and Jerome in Gattaca who helped create Vincents fake identity. Also both of the guides or helpers were very famous and repescted as Jerome had been to a space mission and received 2nd place and El Patrón who held a significant power in Opium. As the story and movie went on, a female character had entered the both protagonists lives who supported them throughout the book. After both females had studied the truth of the both protagonists, they had a moment of hate and disgust due to their genetic structure. However, after many events, the female character had helped the protagonists in tough and desperate situations.  The main differences between the protagonists that I found are in the way the protagonists help push the narrative. The story line in The House of the Scorpion and Gattaca were much different due to the protagonists and how they acted within the book or movie. The storyline in Gattaca was more towards Vincent hiding his identity and letting no one know about it making the movie more like a mystery whereas The House of the Scorpion was mainly based on Matt uncovering more and more secretes about clones and about the Opium empire.


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