Monday, 15 April 2013

House of the Scorpion ~ Thoughts So Far


So far, I have finished reading up to Chapter 9 or page 84. This book is very different, as I have not seen a Cast of Characters or a Table of Contents in a fiction book. When reading through this book I had noticed why Nancy Farmer had chose to add a table of contents and a cast of characters. There were many characters inside this book and many words and nicknames inside the book were either Spanish or words that were unreal. Nancy Farmer had also made the choice to include "ages" to split up the book. While reading through the book I had found out that these ages were relating to Matteo Alacrán, the clone. Within the first two chapters there was a clear understanding of the setting and of the Protagonist, Matteo. I thought the chapters of this book really gave a meaning as when it said "The Little House In The Poppy Fields", the whole chapter reflected on the title so it was sort of like a hint. One of the things I found interesting about this book was the different setting. Nancy Farmer hadn't always directly stated the setting in the book but instead it was more indirectly. I was very curious throughout the book wondering about the setting and the different characters. Each character in the novel had a different personality, which was also interesting. Matteo was a very curious boy with a brave personality, which to me was weird because he was supposed to be the clone of El Patron.
Something that I found very different was the structure of this novel. In grade 8 we had learned about the Feudal System, which can relate to this book. Throughout this book they had mentioned El Patron the Drug Lord and he is very powerful. We can relate El Patron to the King of the Feudal System and we can relate Mr.Alacrán the doctor and Senator Mendoza all as the nobles. Everyone under that, which are the maids and servants, would of course be the peasants/serfs. I still haven't found out who Matteo is as he is still a young boy but if I were to make an inference I would say that he would be similar to El Patron because he is El Patrons clone.
     So far this book has been intense and thought-provoking and I look forward to the next few chapters.

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  1. I like your thoughts. You're lucky you don't get three comments as soon as you post your post :P

  2. Thanks Jared, I appreciate it.

  3. Great connection to grade 8 curriculum!