Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Why I Read

Many people who do not enjoy reading always ask, why do people read? It is a commonly tossed around question when talking about literature and everyone has different answers. I would say that people who do not enjoy reading are not to blame, it is just that they might not have found an interesting book yet. As everybody knows, different people have different point of views towards things. My suggestion for people who dislike reading would be to not give up, and try looking at a variety of different novels of interest. I guarantee, once they find a book of their interest, reading will be something they will surely enjoy. 

I read books because they make me happy. It is as simple as that! When I was little, I loved reading books written by Dr. Seuss as the rhymes were just fantastic. While growing older, I began to gain interest in comics like Archies. Now, I enjoy action and mystery filled novels and that just began from reading rhyming books...

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  1. Sanchit,
    These paragraphs are so perspective. You really reached below the surface with such an inspirational post. Its great that you included more than why you read but also how others can get into reading.
    I agree that if one searches hard enough they will find a book, series or genre they love and become a non-stop reader!
    I like how you included so many non-mandatory posts to your blog and spent the time to think deeply about what you were saying.
    I love the idea and meaning behind this post!